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Uppada is a beautifully designed cotton saree from the Godavari district in the state of Andra Pradesh. These sarees are famous for their unique designs which consist of a great amount of zari work. The technique used is the age old Jamdani weaving method. The technique has a specific number of length wise and breadth wise threads which gives it a particular kind of softness to the fabric. These sarees are purely silk both in the warp and weft. Since these sarees are extremely delicate and intricate two weavers are required to make exquisite designs. One must understand the hours spent in laboriously making one saree. It can take months to just complete one handwoven saree. Owing to the fact that Uppada sarees are extremely lightweight and lustrous, this makes the Uppada sarees one of the most exprensive silks in the world.  Uppada Silk Sarees are in huge demand worldwide. These hand loom sarees are soft, comfortable and elegant to wear and also they suite to all the climates.The preparatory processes include, the yarn being washed and then dipped in the desired color which is kept in a boiler while one of the workers keep churning the boiler for an even dye. Once washed and dried ,these yarns are then starched. Starching will give the color in the yarn a more permanent look and nature

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