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Pochampally Dupattas

Pochampally silk sarees are a type of silk originating from the town of Boodhan in the Nalgonda district of Andra Pradesh which is also known as the Silk city of India. One of the main features of these sarees is their beautiful ikat patterns that give the saree an appealing and geometric look. Ikat essentially means the dyeing of yarns in a particular way so as to be able to see the design once woven completely. Pochampally sarees are known for their intricate patterns and motifs using fine yarn work with cotton and silk. Both single ikat and double ikat patterns are used. If single ikat patterns are used, there is a hazy effect that is seen because of the motif being visible only in the wary threads. The intersection of the weft while weaving provides for the jagged line effect once done. In today’s new day and age, designs, motifs and patterns have climbed up the ladder of advancement, as the new age fashion designers are designing these fabrics keeping in mind the changing fashion tastes of the fast track generations. The older and the newer generations of skilled weavers are keeping foot with the advanced consumers and hence have patronized their artwork onto other cloth items like bed sheets, bedcovers. Varieties of products are being imprinted by this embroidered fabric by the women weavers. In this way this cotton silk blended fabric has been touched by the wand of innovation and transformation, thus by adding more glamor to the entire look