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This website is operated by pickmycloth which is registered as NATIVE HANDLOOMS AND HANDICRAFTS INDIA PVT LTD

In most places of India, weaving centers are organised as clusters. Each cluster has Shop owners, Master-weavers and Weavers. Master-weavers are highly experienced weavers who create their own designs and send out to other weavers for weaving. We work with the entire weaving community and help them put their products onto the website. Every vendor i.e. shop owner, weaver or master-weaver on our website is an authenticated member. When you order a product you can be sure that the payment directly goes into the bank account of the vendors themselves. We make sure that there are no other intermediary players who inflate costs. So both partners in the transaction benefit: You as the buyer will get to know who has actually put in pain-staking labour to create that wonderful weave that you love. The vendors will benefit by receiving more money than he would by going through traditional distribution channel which is very wasteful and inefficient.


We make sure that the weavers we add as our members follow the minimum quality standards that are normally followed in that cluster. Any deviations or changes will be specifically mentioned in our product pages.


In case you are not 100% satisfied with either the quality of materials used in the product you purchased, or find defects in workmanship you are free to return the product within 15 days of making the purchase. We will refund your entire payment or send you a product of similar value as per your request. 

See our Refund policy for details.