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This website is operated by pickmycloth which is registered as NATIVE HANDLOOMS AND HANDICRAFTS INDIA PVT LTD

We have set ourselves an ambitious goal: To bring together the weaving community and the buyers into close contact. That is to connect weavers and wearers. Every weave is created with a lot of passion and hard work by weavers. Before the big cities with all the shopping options came up most of the buyers used to buy directly from weavers. This enabled the buyers to appreciate the effort put in by weavers and also create an immense sense of satisfaction for the weaver when they actually see their weave being worn. However, now with the advent of modern manufacturing methods and huge stores this connection is lost. Buying has become an impersonal things. Buyers now have very little knowledge about how an article they are using is crafted. Our effort is to reduce this distance. By creating a platform where weavers can directly post their weaves online, we can now give everyone a glimpse of the face and hands the have crafted the weave they like and offer better satisfaction to the weaving community.